about marina

Having undertaken a BA in graphic design and visual communication at Bau, University College of Barcelona, Marina has also lived and studied in England and Australia, at the Academy of Design in Melbourne. She speaks Catalan and Spanish as mother tongues, extremely fluid English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency C2) and a little bit of German, as she took part in several study exchanges in Vienna, Austria.
Her creations have taken her to speak at design and art direction festivals such as Blanc, and the Art Directors Club of Europe, as part of the High Potentials. She has been interviewed by national radio station Cadena SER and Barcelona TV (Betevé).

Nature is a source of endless inspiration for her, and many of her personal projects reflect that.

photograph taken by Marina Roca / speaking at Blanc Festival 2017
Exhibitions / Talks

2017 Palo Alto Talent Visions, BCN link
2017 Cadena SER, National Radio, Serveis Mínims, interview link
2017 Betevé TV, Àrtic Program interview link
2017 Blanc, Graphic Design Festival presentation
2017 Artists Showcase from Baix Montseny exhibition
2017 ADC*E High Potentials presentation


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