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The Symphony
of the Cosmos

final degree project at Bau, Barcelona


The Symphony of the Cosmos is an artistic approach to the String Theory of quantum mechanics. The project has been presented in Blanc Festival, national radio station Cadena SER and Barcelona TV Betevé.

String theory says that the elementary particles that make up all the matter and forces of the universe are created by tiny strings in constant vibration: just like the strings of a violin produce notes as they vibrate, these energy strings create particles.

And what if we could hear the sounds of these strings? The melodies of the stars, the songs of the atoms, what would they sound like? By creating a set of harps where each string represents a particle and is matched with a specific music note, one could, literally, play the music of the cosmos. Watching the video in full screen is extremely recommended!

Link del vídeo en català

The project was exhibited / interviewed / presented in
2017 Palo Alto Talent Visions, BCN see video here
2017 Cadena SER, National Radio, Serveis Mínims listen to interview here
2017 Betevé TV, Àrtic Program see video here
2017 Blanc, Graphic Design Festival festival website
2017 Artists Showcase from Baix Montseny

Apart from instrument making, song writing and the final piece of the video, the project is also made of a visual book explaining the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and M-Theory. The book is made of three spines; one starts from the beggining and finds the explanation of the macroworld and its physical laws, then needs to head over to the other side of the book, where the laws of the microworld are explained, and in the central booklet can be found the set of theories which aim to unify the first and the second booklets.

An infographic system was designed to visualize the music scores. Each line in the circle represents a specific string (for example, electron string). And each dot in the string represents the number of time that the string must be played. These infographics became the base of the animation of particles seen in the video during the water molecule song.

Other pieces: leaflet for the Quarktet concerts / all the elements put together

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